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Dr. Hyvel and her team bring a sense of honesty and frankness to their practice. I really appreciate the realistic approach and honest discussions we've had about my needs, habits and goals. I have never felt pressured into procedures or additional costs which is very different from my experiences with other dentists in the area.

Not to mention that they are all very well trained and gentle! My gums don't hurt after cleanings or procedures. They do a great job explaining what is going on and preparing you for what is coming next. Again, I really appreciate this partnership in my care.

I think some of the negative reviews posted here are from folks who aren't used to working with an honest dentist. I will take frankness over white lies any day. I've referred my family and friends to this place and plan to come here for a long time.

Katy O.

I had a great experience with Dr. Hyvel. She's my newest dentist and is very thorough and honest about my choices regarding options to beautify my smile. I had a great experience when my son was in need of emergency ortho and his regular orthodontist was unavailable. She took us right away and stayed open past business hours for us. She was able to remove his broken appliance which wasn't easy. When I took my son back to his orthodontist, he couldn't believe that she was able to remove the appliance and said that it was a wonderful job. Anyway, we both see her now and will continue to do so. The office is beautiful and the people are true dental professionals.

Roxana W.

Dr. Irene is a wonderful dentist I've ever been to. I've always been so scared of dentists cuz my gums bleed all the time .She's very kind ,she took her time. I loved it ,it took a little more time but most places would Rush you In And Out but she took her time and made me feel really comfortable. I would recommend it to all my friends and family.

Cindy A.

I went to here after going to another dentist and being told I needed a root canal and 2 crowns. Dr Hyvel was my second opinion but didn't know it. She found that the tooth I needed a root canal on actually only needed the filling redone. Pain gone! The other crown I supposedly needed was on a tooth with a very large amalgam filling and the 1st Dr told me I had to do it or the tooth was going to crack and then need an implant. Dr. Hyvel told me after I asked about the filling that it is large and with her digital xray she also able to see it was deep. She explained that if we removed the filling and tried to crown it we would be working with little tooth structure and risk having to pull and implant it. She suggested that we monitor it and if we have issues down the road we can address them then. Not only will she be my dentist moving forward, but will be referred if anyone is to ask of I know a good one! Oh yeah the office is absolutely gorgeous and the staff very educated and professional.

Jason F.

Great staff and Doctor! My daughter was very excited and came out extremely happy

Xochi C.

Very good service all around. Excellent cleaning and they didn't try and sell me everything under the sun... Will definitely recommend this dentist!

John C.

Very cool place. Great staff great Doc. Pleasant experience. Found a dental home.

Bobby R.