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Meet Dr. Irena Hyvel in St. Charles, IL

Meet Dr. Irena Hyvel

I was born and raised in Western part of Ukraine in Lviv. Lviv is a city that lays in a very close proximity to Polish, Hungarian, Slovenian boarders, and Carpathian Mountains; the population is a mix of Ukrainian, Polish, German, Armenian, and Jewish. It is a city of fascinating history by growing in that colorful, multilingual place I learned how to appreciate cultural diversity, history and good food.

The decision to become a dentist was made spontaneously, after my regular dental visit. I thought I would look good in a white lab-coat. But my understanding and love to dentistry grew through years of dental school in Ukraine, residency, practice, immigration, dental assisting, dental school again. Now I know that I would not only look good in white lab coat but I can do some damn good dentistry. Dentistry is a job, an art, a fun, a hard work, deep knowledge, an intuition, a technique, an improvisation, it is a lot of things for me. I believe in excellence clinical, professional, and personal and pursuing excellence by continuously improving my knowledge and skills.

My professional goal is to build a practice which would advocate best care possible for my patients. I want to create a comprehensive care practice where trust developed through a meaningful doctor-patient relationship. I want to build a practice where I would be a friend, a mentor, an educator, and a doctor to my patients.

I am a member of American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, American Academy of Facial Easthetics, Academy of Laser Dentistry


University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine,
International Dentist Program,
Aurora, CO
January 2007 - December 2008