About Our Dental Membership Plan

The Bondds Dental Studio Membership Plan is designed to provide affordability and greater access to quality dental care. Your benefits are available only at Bondds Dental Studio.

With your Membership Plan there are:

About Dr. Irena Hyvel

I was born and raised in Western part of Ukraine in Lviv. Lviv is a city that lays in a very close proximity to Polish, Hungarian, Slovenian boarders, and Carpathian Mountains; the population is a mix of Ukrainian, Polish, German, Armenian, and Jewish. It is a city of fascinating history By growing in that colorful, multilingual place I learned how to appreciate cultural diversity, history and good food.

  • No yearly maximums
  • No deductibles
  • No claim forms
  • No pre-authorization requirments
  • No pre-existing condition limitations
  • Immediate eligibility(no waiting periods)
  • Free consultations

The decision to become a dentist was made spontaneously, after my regular dental visit. I thought I would look good in a white lab-coat. But my understanding and love to dentistry grew through years of dental school in Ukraine, residency, practice, immigration, dental assisting, dental school again. Now I know that I would not only look good in white lab coat but I can do some damn good dentistry. Dentistry is a job, an art, a fun, a hard work, deep knowledge, an intuition, a technique, an improvisation, it is a lot of things for me. I believe in excellence clinical, professional, and personal and pursuing excellence by continuously improving my knowledge and skills.

This program is a discount plan, not a dental insurance plan, and is secondary to any other dental plan. It cannot be used:


My professional goal is to build a practice which would advocate best care possible for my patients. I want to create a comprehensive care practice where trust developed through a meaningful doctor-patient relationship. I want to build a practice where I would be a friend, a mentor, a educator, and a doctor to my patients.

  • In conjunction with another dental plan
  • For services for injuries covered under workman's compensation
  • For treatment which, in sole opinion of the treating dentist or doctor, lies outside the realm of their capability
  • For referrals to specialists
  • For hospitalization or hospital charges of any kind
  • For costs of dental care which is covered under automobiled medical

Program Guidelines

  • There will be a $75 reinstatement fee if your plan lapses
  • Cannot be used in conjunction with another dental plan
  • No refunds or premiums will be issued at any time if participant decides not to utilize dental plan
  • Patient's portion of any bill is due on the same day as service
  • There is a %5 auto-renewal discount
  • The plan is in effect once the premiums have been paid
  • Plan     Total Annual Cost
  • Single     $244.00
  • Dual*     $452.00
  • Family (3)**     $649.00
  • Family (4)$846.00     +$132 each additional member

* The Dual Plan is for Parent/Child or Husband/Wife only

** The Family Plan includes family members and children who are enrolled full-time in college until the age of 23, or children who are not enrolled full-time in college until the age of 18.

Covered Procedures:

    Diagnostic & X-rays
  • Comprehensive Exam   100%
    (new patients, initial visit)

  • Periodic Exam (1 per year)    100%
    (child under age of 18 2 per year)

  • Limited Oral Exam     100%
    Problem focused (1 per year)

  • Complete Series or Panorex    50%

  • Periapical, First Film     100%

  • Periapical, Additional Film     100%

  • Bitewings (1 time per year)

  • Child Prophylaxis (cleaning)    100%
    (2 per year)

  • Adult Prophylaxis (cleaning)    100%
    (2 per year)

  • Additional cleanings per year    20%

  • Fluoride    100%
    (2 per year, no age limit, no copay)

  • Sealants    20%
    All other procedures
  • Bleaching    $195

  • Fillings & Build-ups    20%

  • Crowns****    15%

  • Veneers    15%

  • Braces(Adults Only)    10%

  • Periodontics    20%

  • Dentures and Partials ****    15%

  • Oral Surgery    20%

  • Root Canals    20%

  • Periodontal (Deep) Cleanings    20%
    Evaluation by the dentist and medical doctor needs to be done prior to services. Cost may be outside our dental membership. Medical insurance may cover aspects of these services (screening, sleep studies, OAT's, follow up studies, supplies, etc.)

  • Sleep Apnea/Snoring    20%
  • Specialty Services    15%

  • *** For Orthodontics, member must remain a plan member for the duration of treatment to retain treatment benefits.
  • **** Senior Citizen discount, additional 5% off select items.

How to Sign Up

Please ask one of our friendly front desk team members for an application