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Hello, I'm Dr. Irena Hyvel!

familyI would like to welcome you to my office. Bondds Dental Studio is the first practice that I have started on my own and it is very special to me. It’s kind of like my first child. I have put lots of love, thought, and care into this practice and I would like to share that with you.

I am very passionate about my profession and the pleasure that my work brings to my patients. I go home every day knowing that I am enhancing the smiles and dental health of my patients.

Bondds Dental Studio was carefully planned with the idea of enhancing the patient's dental experience from beginning to end. We offer excellent dental care, a relaxing waiting lounge, state-of-the-art examination rooms, and convenient parking. Come bond with us!

Aside from being a dentist and business owner, I am the mother of three beautiful children. My oldest son Daniel is very artistic and is a gentle soul with a great sense of humor. My daughter Chloe is very spiritual, intelligent but a bit of a wild child - that's what makes her so special. Luka, my youngest son, is very fun. He loves food and dinosaurs!

So that is me, thank you for visiting!

Sincerely - Irena M. Hyvel at BonDDS  - your good dentist.

Why the Name Bondds - From Dr. Irena Hyvel

"If you look at my logo, BONDDS, you can break it in two parts in two different ways — BOND, a connection, and DS, which stands for Dental Studio, or BON, which means “good” in other languages, and DDS, which stands for doctor of dental surgery.

"My instructor in dental school, Dr. Chris Harvan, always says, 'Never treat a stranger. Before you start treating your patients, get to know them — bond with them.' I want to develop that doctor-patient bond with each of my patients."


University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine

  • International Dentist Program, Aurora, CO
  • January 2007 - December 2008

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